4 Points to Hit in Your Branding

Staying consistent with your branding can make a HUGE difference in your business! Consistent branding eliminates confusion and gives your clients a clear understanding. Your branding is your businesses identity! It is the first impression you cast out to potential clients.

Branding as a whole is SUPER important for your business. It makes you memorable, consistent, visible, personable, stable, and familiar. So, as you are assessing your brand, keep in mind these 4 key points to make sure you are hitting.

1. Your Website: Probably the most important aspect of your branding is seen on your website. A potential client's attention span is short and on average 59 seconds is spent on a site before they decide to invest their time (and money) towards that company. Your logos, your fonts, your images, and your distinctive visual elements can either draw a client to want to learn more, or to run far away. Not only your visual content, but your message has to be on brand to land the perfect client! (More on why you should hire a copywriter coming soon!)

2. Your social media: In the world we live in, social media is a great tool for business to reach the attention and following of a huge amount of potential clients. While a website gives a client a lot of content and allows for further investigation, your social media is your first impression for most potential customers. With a very small amount of content allowed (One image, and a limited number of characters) you have to make sure your content is on point! Individuals who have encountered your brand on social media who see consistency are more likely to recommend you to others, even if they have not experienced your business firsthand.

3. Your emails: When you are responding to clients, having a consistent online presence is key! It shows stability and that you can be trusted. Make sure you begin and end your emails the same. By placing a footer at the bottom of your emails with 1. Your picture, 2. Your name/title, and 3. Your Business name, clients feel comforted and personalized. Check out an example of my email footer below!

With Grace + Gratitude,

Bailey Weisser

4. Your Print Material: Having consistency in your business cards, brochures, signage, etc. is also a very important aspect of your branding (and honestly the one that is overlooked the most). When designing your print material keep in mind your brands colors, font-choices, patterns, and images. Consider hiring a copywriter to assist with any large print material such as brochures and booklets/magazines!

Looking for some help with your branding experience? Shoot me an email! I would love to send you a free branding assessment to complete and reflect on!

I absolutely love the process of building meaningful brands and connecting with other small business owners. I love stretching my creativity and learning new and unique ways to showcase businesses.