4 Ways to Kick off Your Business for the New Year

January 1st comes with a big expectation. It is the day of the year a lot of people hit the reset button on their lives, their spending, and their businesses.

If you are anything like me, the beginning of the year can be an intimidating and exciting, filled with so many ideas and so many directions you may want to go. If we know anything from years past, it is one thing to plan and to dream, but it another to work towards those dreams and make headway during the year! Here are 4 ways to kick off your business for the new year and plan for success.

1. Get a daily/weekly/or monthly planner. A planner is one of the best tools to have to set the tone for the new year. Sitting down and reviewing the whole year in front of you will help you understand where your business if headed. This is the planner that I use for my weekly and monthly overview. My weekly/monthly planner.

For daily use, I am a huge fan of Lucy Celebrates Intentional Planner. I currently have the 100 day version which is not only super beautiful, but super functional. It breaks down each day with a timeframe schedule, a goal for the day and the action plan, notes, a space for journaling, prayer and a space to celebrate wins for the day. Every time I start the day with this planner I feel focused, refreshed, and ready to get to work. You can find the Intentional Planner HERE.

2. Review last years successes and improvements.

It is great to look behind you to see where you would like to go this year. What went well last year? What didn't go so well? I love using my Powersheets prep for looking back. They have some incredible questions to help you reflect on the past year.

3.Set realistic goals.

This step can be a little tricky. With so many ideas in your mind, it is about time you put pen to paper and start writing them down. The best goals are realistic and can be measured. Write down your big picture goals and then choose 10 of those goals to focus on.

4. Make an action plan.

After you have chosen your 10 goals it is time to make a plan. Identify why these goals are important to you. Write down which steps you will take to make this goal a reality and when those steps will take place. Identify how you will celebrate progress in your goal and what you will do when you meet your goal! Don't be intimidated by big-picture goals. Breaking them down into a step by step process will make them seem more real and attainable to you! I hope these steps help your goal planning process be enjoyable and refreshing! I am so excited to see where 2019 leads us!

I absolutely love the process of building meaningful brands and connecting with other small business owners. I love stretching my creativity and learning new and unique ways to showcase businesses.