8 Apps My Business Couldn't Survive Without

I am a huge fan of free trials when it comes to products or softwares! With that being said, I have tried so many different apps and tools in my business to find the very best of the best, and the ones that meet my needs the most. By now since I feel like a seasoned app-tryer-outter, I am going to share my top 6 apps that I use on a daily/weekly basis in my businesses (aside from social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest).

1. Dubsado: Although this isn't an app, this is the most used tool I take advantage of in my business. Dubsado is my client management software that helps me organize my client profiles, add and send contracts, invoices, and questionnaires, and takes care of my bookkeeping. It is pretty much a catch all of all of the database side of my business.

2. Plann: Plann is a Instagram scheduling app that allows you to upload your images into a preview grid. This is super helpful in the creative industry to make sure that all of my images flow well and are on brand. It also allows you to create your captions ahead of time and create lists of hashtags by category to pop into your feed when you would like. I use this app every time before I post on Instagram!

3. Unfold: Unfold is a fun little app that I use to help create cohesive instagram stories. It is available for free in the app store!

4. Tailwind: This online app is super useful in scheduling out all of my Pinterest pins. It is the go-to app I use for Pinterest marketing. I love being able o upload all of my pins in bulk and set a schedule and letting them post on their own. It is super simple scheduler that has made a HUGE different in my pinning game.

5. MileIQ: This one is a little different, but just as important in my business. The app uses automatic mileage tracking to calculate mileage while driving for business purposes and personal purposes which is SUPER helpful when it comes to tax time!

6. Asana: This app is designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work. It is basically a giant to-do list that allows you to assign tasks and track progress. It is an app that I love using with my interns!

7. Trello: This app is similar to asana, but it is for more big-picture goals. It allows you to create boards for specific projects and then create lists within those boards. I use this a lot in the web design process to keep track of what I've done, what I'm doing, and what I still need to get to.

8. Toggl: Toggl is a free time tracking app that I use when I am working on projects that are time-oriented. It allows me to see how much time I am spending on certain projects and is super easy to use!

Have you tried any of these apps? What are your favorites to use? Share in the comments below!

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