Outsourcing Tips + 5 Ways I Outsource my Life/Business

Let’s talk outsourcing. This is somewhat new to me in the fact that I recently started implementing these things regularly into my life. See, I am an enneagram three who believes I can and will do everything on my own. I absolutely HATE asking for help, I hate feeling like I am inconveniencing someone… it was almost like I am allergic to it! Are you that way at all too?

Here is what I have learned about outsourcing lately.

  • It first requires that you remove the pride that you are the only person capable of doing your job… ouch right? They do say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery!

  • Being realistic is super important when it comes to outsourcing. There are certain things that people just cannot do for me.

  • Hiring people/ Creating systems, etc. — find the right people or systems for you at the right time for the right job.

By outsourcing areas in your life or business, you are able to cut out the busy work and create breathing room for growth in your business! It may be an investment, but time is money, and freeing up your schedule to build your business up will allow the profits to follow soon after!

So, Here are the 5 ways that I have started outsourcing my life and business

  1. Client Management System Since I began my business back in 2016 I have used a client management system called Dubsado. In this system I am able to keep all of my invoices, contracts, client information, and bookkeeping in one place. It is a HUGE life saver in my business and keeps my head on straight!

  2. Hired a VA I recently hired a Virtual Assistant to help me with some day-to-day tasks in my business that I haven't had the time to give proper attention to. Hannah helps with proofing and formatting my blogs and emails and making sure all of my content gets in the right hands.

  3. Meal Planning With two kids and two businesses, things can get a little cray around here. HelloFresh helps take away some stress for me when it comes to meal planning. Each week we receive three meal kits in the mail. Each meal takes around 30 minutes to prepare and can be completed in 6 steps. HelloFresh has opened our eyes (and taste buds) to a whole new world of food. As a recovering picky eater, I love how many options it gives me to either play it safe or to try something out of my comfort zone. Want to try it out? You can follow this link to try your first box with a special discount!

  4. Taxes To me, this one is a no brainer. I love my CPA and all that she does to help make sure that I have all of my ducks in a row with my business finances and our family taxes. She has taught me so much about tracking expenses and all of the categories I need to pay attention to in my business as well. If you don't have an accountant, I HIGHLY recommend getting one!

  5. Reading This may sounds silly, but yeah, I technically outsource my reading! I don't have much free time to sit and open a good book, so I started Audible this year. Every morning when I go to the gym, or if I am in the car, I am likely listening to an audiobook. I find that this way I am still continuing to learn and get inspired, but also use my time wisely! So far I have listened to: "Girl Wash Your Face" Rachel Hollis "15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" John Maxwell "Building a Story Brand" Donald Miller "Nothing to Prove" Jennie Allen

Today, I challenge you to put all judgments and opinions aside for a minute, and just brainstorm all the things you do in a day, both business and personal (sit with a pen and paper, set the timer for 5 minutes, and make a list!). Take that list and start looking at people or ways you can hand those off to get them off of your plate. Whether you are a business owner or not, this can apply to you! We all have full plates and can create margins by outsourcing parts of our life. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you necessarily have to!

I absolutely love the process of building meaningful brands and connecting with other small business owners. I love stretching my creativity and learning new and unique ways to showcase businesses.