Why Trust your Brand Designer?

Trust is a vital part to any business or personal relationship. When it comes to brand design, trust is more important than you think! Your trust in my expertise matters more than you may know. When I begin working with a new client, I love being able to hear all about your business and get to know YOU. I gather your Branding Questionnaire to learn about your vision and goals, the things you like and dislike, and the kind of audience you are trying to attract. When reviewing your answers, I immediately start making notes, brainstorming and sketching. I cannot wait to begin creating a design to help you connect with a land your deal clients.

Here are some steps you can take when communicating with your brand designer to show you trust them.

  1. Do not send them an exact logo and ask them to recreate it. First off, that is copying another creative artist’s work, but secondly, it doesn’t help you OR your clients. Chances are that logo isn’t the absolute best fit for YOU.

  2. Be clear with your edits. If you aren’t crazy about the font, explain what exactly it is that you aren’t fond of. For example, instead of saying “I don’t like that font”, maybe say “I’m not a big fan of how that font is bold, is there an option where the lines are a little more slim and modern?”. Considering there are THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of fonts in the world, knowing exactly what you aren’t crazy about will cut down on the number of edits needed (and likely help your invoice at the end of the experience).

  3. Feel free to create a mood board on Pinterest with elements you love. Textures, typography, things that inspire you in general. BUT, it is important to know that this is a guide for your design, and not necessarily EXACTLY how your brand will look.

  4. Just voice it! Tell your brand designer that you trust them. Tell them that you have seen their work and you know that they know what works. As a brand designer, there is nothing better than being told “I trust you to see the direction I need to go”.

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I absolutely love the process of building meaningful brands and connecting with other small business owners. I love stretching my creativity and learning new and unique ways to showcase businesses.