Why you should Invest in a Professional Logo

I know, it's tempting to just search Etsy for a pre-made logo. I know it's tempting to just try to create one yourself. But, from a customer standpoint, those don't draw my attention like a beautiful one-of-a-kind logo. Think about it. We are easily drawn towards beautiful logos of our favorite brands. Logos speak VOLUMES about a brand. Custom logos help a brand and business be identifiable instead of being lost in a sea of identical logos.

1. Logos communicate how professional you are. Have you ever gotten a business card and thought, 'wow! this looks amazing'. On the flip side, have you ever received a business card that was handwritten on a sticky note? See the difference? In terms of logos, your target client can either be attracted to, or detracted due to your logo. That may sounds extreme, however we judge businesses by their appearance all of the time. Take restaurants for example. Would you rather eat in a restaurant that had a clean logo and signage, or a restaurant that had their name written on the windows with chalk marker and poster boards in the display? Who do you think will attract the most customers?

2. A logo can help attract your client and gain trust

When a business takes the time (and money) to invest in their appearance, the clients feel as if they will be well taken care of. Aside from appearance, it sets a precedent for professionalism and is 10X more likely to gain your clients trust. When you take the time to invest in your business it makes them feel as if you will invest in their needs too.

3. A logo can tell your brand's story

Your brand is an immediate connect to who YOU are. If your brand, business, or blog is personalized to the point where people know your name and face (as it should be), a great logo will foster connection between you and your clients. It will share you personality. Choosing a cookie cutter logo will do the opposite for your brand. By investing in PROFESSIONAL custom logos, YOU are front and center in building your brand and attracting YOUR dream clients.

I absolutely love the process of building meaningful brands and connecting with other small business owners. I love stretching my creativity and learning new and unique ways to showcase businesses.